About Us

Icemac is a manufacturer of high quality industrial and commercial ice equipment. With refrigeration experience of more than fifteen years, Icemac’s goal is to provide a great service to all of our customer worldwide. Icemac’s product range includes flake ice machine, cube ice machine, block ice machine and water cooling machine. Apart from our standard products, we also provide products as per our customers’ needs.

Icemac sells ice machines with different cooling capacities all over the world. Equipment manufactured by Icemac works confidently in hot or tropical places such as countries in Africa, Middle East and Gulf.

Below you will find information about Icemac’s standard product range.

Flake Ice Machine: We provide two types of flake ice machine. Those that is fresh water flake ice machine and those that is sea water flake ice machine. Our flake ice machine capacity ranges between 0.5 ton and 60 ton daily ice making.

Cube Ice Machine: We provide both commercial and industrial cube ice machines. Our cube ice machine capacity ranges between 25 kg and 5 ton daily ice making.

Block Ice Machine: We provide block ice machines in the range of 240 kg to 30 ton daily ice making. We also provide containerized block ice machines up to 10 ton daily ice making.

Water Cooling Machine: We provide water cooling machines in the range of 0.5 liter to 5000 liter daily water cooling.

Even if you cannot find the capacity you need in our standard capacity range, contact us. We can offer the solution that is right for you.