15 ton/day Block Ice Machine

Icemac Model #BI - 15000
  • 15000 kg/d
  • Vertical evaporator
  • Energy-efficient
  • Huge cost saving
Delivery Terms: EXW, CFR, CIF, DAP, DDP
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    Product Overview

    Block ice is a type of rectangular ice and large weight. Due to the small surface area, it is the best cooling material requires long preserve time and low melting rate.

    Block ice is the preferred refrigeration method in many industries. Icemac block ice machines are used in all industries which needed immediate and effective cooling. Especially, concrete plants, bakeries, fishing industry, food transportation, mining industries are extensively use those machines.

    Icemac provides professional block ice machines that create multiple ice blocks per day. The block ice produced by Icemac machines is sub-cooled to around -10°C. BI-15000 model block ice making machine can produce 200 pieces per round where one piece of ice block weighs 25Kg. The size of the ice will be 15x20x93 cm.

    Icemac block ice machines are very simple to operate and made of durable materials that ensure high quality results with each and every use. Our block ice machine can be also installed in different conditions, convenient for transportation. Icemac bock ice machines offer maximum cooling and a slower melt and save your operation cost by using low water and energy. If you think to combine quality and efficiently, they would be best for your operation.

    Even in high ambient temperatures, Icemac block ice machines are durable and reliable. With stainless steel construction and capacities ranging from 150 to 50000 kg per day, Icemac block ice machines deliver clear, fresh, sanitary block ice and eliminate your dependency on ice suppliers.


    • Fast cooling & production
    • High efficiency, energy saving and low maintenance
    • Compact size and easy installation
    • Long service life and reliable performance
    • Environment friendly and low noise
    • Easy to clean
    • 2-year guaranty period

    Common Features:

    • 15000 kg daily production
    • 200 pieces molds and each mold is 25 kg
    • The machine is completely constructed by durable 304 stainless steel material, which has good quality to against rust and corrosion
    • Polyester insulation to increase energy efficiency and eliminate corrosion
    • Top brand components
    • Air cooling system
    • Easy to use electronic control


    • Circulating motor with stainless steel bar
    • Ice defrost system (optional)
    • Ice carrying counter (optional)
    • Ice transposition system (optional)

    Technical Specifications

    Ice Making Capacity 15000 kg/24h
    Cooling Capacity 56 kW
    Ambient Temperature 30-40 °C
    Water Input Temperature Max. 20 °C
    Ice Output Temperature -10 °C
    Ice  Molds Pieces 200 pcs
    Weight and Size of per block (W-L-H) 25 kg and 15x20x93 cm
    Ice molds material and thickness ANSI 304 / 1.5mm
    Ice block production in 24hrs 600 pcs
    Ice production time 8h
    Cooling Mode Air Cooling
    Refrigerant R 404 A
    Evaporator Type Copper Coil
    Pool Inner Coating Polyester
    Compressor Brand and Power DORIN, 2×55 hp, Semi-Hermetic
    Power Supply 3P / 380-400 V / 50-60 Hz
    Power Consumption 76 kW/h
    Dimension of ice pool (W-L-H) 480x210x125 cm
    Dimension of plant with ice pool (W-L-H) 850x210x125 cm
    Accessories 3 piece circulating motor 2 kW with stainless steel bar
    Optional Accessories Ice defrost system

    Ice carrying counter

    Ice transposition system

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