340 kg/day Cube Ice Machine

Icemac Model #CI - 340
  • 340 kg/d
  • Vertical evaporator
  • Energy-efficient
  • Huge cost saving
Delivery Terms: EXW, CFR, CIF, DAP, DDP
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    Product Overview

    A very popular shape is preferred with an ice kinds of elegant forms and crystalline structure that attracts attention. Ice cube can be used in all kinds of drinks. It improves the taste of beverages and made presentations on the palate by providing the required cooling can leave delicious taste and coolness.

    Cube ice is the ideal choice for fast food operations, restaurants and eateries, catering services, drink shops, hotels, hospitals, baggers, convenience stores, dispensers, and any commercial kitchen. It is often used for water and beverages in food and drink service operations. It is also great for large-volume applications, including bagging and bulk cooling.

    Icemac cube ice machines are very simple to operate and made of durable materials that ensure high quality results with each and every use. Icemac cube ice machines offer maximum cooling and a slower melt and save your operation cost by using low water and energy. If you think to combine quality and efficiently, they would be best for your operation.

    Even in high ambient temperatures, Icemac cube ice machines are durable and reliable. With stainless steel construction and capacities ranging from 25 to 450 kg per day, Icemac commercial ice machines deliver clear, fresh, sanitary cube ice and eliminate your dependency on ice suppliers. This type of small capacity cube ice machines aim commercial usages. We also provide industrial type ice machines that produce large capacity cube ice up to 3000 kg per day. Please visit our website to get more help.


    • Produces cubic ice.
    • Fast Freezing
    • Most efficient in electrical and water consumption.
    • Stability & reliability
    • Long life time
    • Advanced design for commercial usages
    • Removable ice bin
    • Low noise

    Common Features:

    • Icemac ice machines are completely constructed from durable 304 stainless steel material.
    • Top brand components
    • Digital processing time display and easy to use electronic control
    • Compact size

    Technical Specifications

    Ice Making Capacity 340 kg/24h
    Cooling Capacity 1250 W
    Compressor Brand Tecumseh
    Evaporator Type Vertical
    Refrigerant Type R404A or R134A
    Power Supply 220V/50 – 60 Hz
    Dimension – WxLxH 760 x 850 x 1730 mm
    Net Weight 130 kg
    Gross Weight 155 kg
    Bin Capacity 260 kg

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